Using The Right Approach For Your Legal Issues

At Nation, Moore & Associates, we always seek the best outcomes for our clients. When it comes to civil cases, including family law issues, we work to negotiate solutions outside of the courtroom whenever it makes sense for our clients. This is because negotiated settlements usually save our clients time, money and frustration while putting the decision-making power with them instead of in the hands of a judge or jury. However, when negotiation is not possible or beneficial for our clients, we advocate for their interests zealously in court. Our attorneys have many years of trial experience between them in local and regional courts.


Our Clients Speak Directly With Us, Not Through A Secretary

In both civil and criminal cases, we believe information and open communication are key. We provide as much information to our clients as possible about their options so they can make informed decisions. Retain our attorneys, and, after consultation, we can help you determine the best approach to reach your goals, informing you fully about your options and the potential advantages or drawbacks of each option.

This approach extends to working with opposing counsel as well. In matters of criminal defense, we meet with prosecutors early in the process to have the most influence possible on potential charges. We seek to minimize, wherever possible, the severity of charges, as well as to mitigate any penalties that might arise.

Conyers Trial Attorneys In Civil And Criminal Law

The right representation can make all the difference in your legal matter, and you want a lawyer who will take your concerns to heart and guide you through the entire process. At Nation, Moore & Associates LLC, we protect the rights of individuals throughout the Atlanta metro area, including Rockdale, Newton and the surrounding counties. We are prepared to handle a wide range of cases and listen to your concerns. Our legal team can help you explore your options, whether you have family law, juvenile law, or criminal defense concerns.

Experienced Local Attorneys Who Know The Law And The Conyers Area

Nation, Moore & Associates LLC, is an umbrella LLC which serves each of our individual law practices. Each of our attorneys has lived in the Conyers area for more than 30 years. Attorney Russel D. Moore IV is a longtime Conyers attorney with decades of local experience. His son, attorney Russel D. Moore V, was raised in Conyers, as was attorney Michael Nation. They comprise a team that understands local clients and their needs as well as how to meet those needs through negotiations and in the local court system.

We have contact with other attorneys, judges, law enforcement officials and others in the legal system. We work with them often and have a well-respected reputation among them. We take a proactive approach with each case.

We are familiar with the concerns of our Rockdale, Newton and Walton County clients, and we know the local courts. We will walk you through the entire legal process.

Responsive And Accessible Attorneys Ready To Help

Listening to your concerns, we will help you understand your options and give you the time you need to work through your legal struggles. Our attorneys strive to be accessible to our clients and follow our firm's policy to return all calls on the same day they are received if at all possible. You may be unsure what the right legal counsel can do for you, and that is why we offer free case evaluations. Discussing the merits of your case with you, we can determine whether or not we can work well together and come up with a solution that fits your needs.

Free Consultation
Nation, Moore & Associates LLC, is open during weekly business hours from 10 a.​m.​ to 4 p.​m.​ Monday through Thursday. We accept credit cards for all cases. Jail visits can be arranged for criminal defense clients.