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Guiding Clients Through The Probate Process

At Nation, Moore & Associates, we advise estate administrators and personal representatives on carrying out their responsibilities in probate court. Our legal team helps create an inventory of assets, pay creditors and taxes, and distribute the estate assets to heirs. We also represent heirs and beneficiaries when there is a dispute in the probate process.

Helping You Resolve Probate Disputes

When an estate goes into probate, it allows creditors, heirs and other third parties to legally challenge the distribution of money and other assets from the estate. When a lawsuit is filed against the estate during the probate process, most personal representatives will need a lawyer to settle the dispute. At Nation, Moore & Associates LLC, we help people resolve legal issues related to probate and other estate matters.

Experienced Probate Litigation Attorneys

Whether your loved one died without a will or there are issues with the distribution of assets, we can help. We represent heirs and family members as well as personal representatives. Common things that lead to litigation include:

  • After probate begins, a fraudulent will is presented.
  • Someone steps forward to oppose the will.
  • The administrator or personal representative fails to carry out their responsibilities.
  • Someone is trying to take over as administrator.
  • The personal representative hides information about assets that belong to the estate.
  • The personal representative steals or misuses assets from the estate.
No matter what the situation is, we can help. Our legal team will evaluate your situation and help you resolve your dispute.

For Help With Issues Surrounding Probate, Contact Nation, Moore & Associates

If you are looking for help navigating the probate process or are involved in probate litigation, we can help. Call 770-922-1818 or fill out our online contact form.